Frequently Asked


What kinds of content do you create?

Really, the sky’s the limit! In addition to business blogging, our most highly-demanded copywriting projects are original website text and professional profiles/bios. Our focus on understanding your unique story, and what sets your service or product apart, make us an ideal fit for these types of jobs. We’re thrilled to say, however, that most clients who hire us for one project end up engaging us for several more! Here are just a few of the other kinds of copywriting jobs we’ve completed: email newsletters, sales/media kits, product descriptions for online shops, email nurture sequences, Facebook group guidelines and welcome messages, Facebook group discussion prompts, ghostwritten guest posts for blogs, and more. We also offer copyediting services for clients who need their existing content proofread and polished.

What makes Firebrand Messaging different from other copywriters?

We place a unique emphasis on getting to know you, your business and your brand. We do this with the express purpose of being able to replicate your authentic voice (making your content sound “real”) while also appealing directly to your dream client. Because our company’s founder is also a business coach, we’ve created a one-of-a-kind onboarding process for more complex projects (text for website or sales kits, as well as blogging and social media) that includes an intensive branding consultation. We designed this consultation specifically to have real, applicable business value, beyond just gathering information. Another differentiator is our surprisingly quick turnaround time for content creation – we’re able to get a first draft to you, as well as subsequent revisions, much faster than many writers.

What makes Firebrand Messaging different from other blogging services?

The same values and priorities that guide our copywriting also provide the basis for our blogging plans – we’re going to ensure we completely understand you and your business, as well as your goals, so that we can capably serve as your voice online. We also offer unparalleled quality blog content – we can take your expertise in your field and use that to craft blog posts that earn the kind of credibility that gets you recognized as an industry leader. We’re not a content mill; you’ll never get generic “canned” posts from us.

Why is having a blog important?

Blogging provides your business with  unique opportunity to have a “voice” – to personalize your clients’ experience with your company, and to keep them interested with timely, relevant content. The relationship-building and SEO benefits of are also undeniable. Click to read more about the benefits of having a great blog.

Do you offer social media services?

We used to! As the demand for copywriting and blogging grew, however, we realized that passing the social media torch was the right thing to do. We currently maintain a list of talented, reliable social media managers and consultants at a variety of price points, and are happy to refer you to them for your social media needs.

How much do your services cost?

Content creation projects are priced based on your needs, but typically average between $350-$1000 for website text or sales/media kits, $250 for professional bios, $200-$400 for proposals and RFP, $50 for newsletters and email broadcasts, and $30 for correspondence templates. Blogging plans range from $300-$1000 per month. We’re also happy to customize a package to meet your needs if none of our existing packages are perfect for you. Please contact us directly for more information on all the ways we can tailor our services for you!

What is the process for hiring Firebrand Messaging to handle my content creation or blogging?

We’d love to get to know more about you so we can best explain what we do and how it can serve you. The best way to do that is for you to submit our contact form with a description of your needs. We’ll then follow up with some additional information and answer any additional questions you have via email, Skype or phone. Once you’re ready to  move forward, we’ll  email you a link to review your quote, agreement and invoice. which you can approve, sign and pay online, (so simple!). Then, depending on the service you’ve chosen, the onboarding process begins. It’s really easy, and we’ll be there for you every step of the way!

How does payment work?

Payments for individual content creation projects, as well as the onboarding fee and first month’s services for monthly plans, are invoiced electronically, and you can pay by credit card online. Monthly clients of Firebrand Messaging will then receive an online invoice at the end of each month for the following month’s services – you can pay those online, too!

What industries do you serve?

Firebrand Messaging serves a select clientele from a variety of fields. Our clientele includes professionals in branding and marketing, graphic design, fashion design, health and wellness, entertainment, therapy and coaching, construction, photography, real estate development, productivity and organization, wedding planning, artisanal crafts and more. When you inquire with us, we’ll discuss your needs and will let you know if we feel we won’t be the best fit for you – we’re honest like that!

How are you able to customize my blog content?

Before we begin creating content for you, we’ll work closely with you to understand you and your goals. We’ll clarify your brand identity and help you to define exactly whom you’re hoping to reach with your blog. If you have existing writing you’d like us to review (such as previous blog posts or web content), we’re happy to take a look and learn more about what you’d like to change about how your writing sounds. We’ll talk about the kinds of language (tone, word choices, etc) that will sound the most authentic to you and your brand, and we’ll give you the opportunity to specify particular types of content you like and dislike. We will also provide the opportunity for you to provide us with ongoing feedback and direction each month, and of course you can email us your ideas and news anytime. Our goal is for you to feel like you’re being well represented online, with no one knowing it’s not you doing the work!

How do you protect my passwords?

You’ll need to provide Firebrand Messaging with your login credentials so that Jennifer can post to your blog on your behalf (unless you prefer to post the content yourself). However, no third-party will ever access those credentials.

Are there any clients whom you won't work with, or content you won't create?

Firebrand Messaging will not knowingly accept contracts from a business who refuses service to any client or customer based on race, color, religion, national origin, disability or sexual orientation. We also will not create blog posts or other content that expresses hatred or intolerance toward any group, or that attacks any individual or company. Otherwise, we welcome the opportunity to work with all kinds of businesses, and we’ll let you know during our intake process if we feel we won’t be the right fit.

Are you hiring writers?

Sometimes! We’re always on the lookout for super-smart writers and social media experts. If you’re interested in joining Firebrand Messaging, and have experience creating blog and/or social media content for a business or organization, contact us for more information!

How can I get in touch with you?

Ready to learn more? Complete our contact form and we’ll get right back to you to discuss your needs and goals!